High School Queens | Review

Title: High School Queens
Series: High School QueensTrilogy #1
Author: Zachary Ryan
Pages: 302 pages
Version: Paperback (ARC)
Publisher: Kingston Publishing Company
Rating: ★★★★

They all thought they did a masterful job of keeping their secrets close to their chest. These stupid fools thought they were the high court of this kingdom, but they had no clue who was really pulling the strings. You might wonder to yourself, who would be that heartless to make them backstab their friends, expose other’s secrets, and lose their morals? You don’t need to know who I am, but you better remember my name, The Marked Queen.

Danielle, Andrew, Delilah, Aman, and Jasmine all are now faced with a mysterious villain whose one goal is to ruin each of their lives. They must protect their secrets at all cost, or they’ll be the next victim on Marked Day. They know what’s at stake, and they’ll stop at nothing to continue being: the rich spoiled girl, the normal teenager, the girl who isn’t banging the principal, the straight vlogger, and the girl who isn’t her dad’s punching bag. What happens when The Marked Queen changes up the game just in time for prom? Will each of our favorite puppets survive? Or are they willing to backstab each other just to keep up their personas? The only thing lost at this prom wasn’t going to be their virginity.

Sex, Lies, and High School Queens explores the major theme of self-acceptance. Can they learn to accept all their flaws or pray victim to The Marked Queen? Each chapter continues to fill your sweet tooth until the climactic moment at the prom where you get to have that final bite of the bitch cake you’ve been dying to consume.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Zachary Ryan! 

High School Queens is the first book in the High School Queens Trilogy and tells the story of Danielle and her friends.

High School Queens is the first book I’ve read by Zachary Ryan and I really liked it. This book is told in different perspectives so you really get to know what the characters are going through. And they’re going through a lot… This book talks about addiction, self-harm, divorced parents, …

I really liked that this book talked about all these topics because every teen struggles with one of these topics, so I think that it makes the characters seem more real and relatable. There was also some character development towards the end of the book. Some of the characters really changed because of The Marked Queen and I loved that.

I really liked High School Queens, it was really interesting and I wanted to know who The Marked Queen was. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, The Revenged Queen!