Authors I've discovered in 2019 part 2

I wanted to spread some love and make a list of authors whose books I read and loved this year. These authors are authors that I’ve discovered in 2019 and I’ve rated their books 4–5 stars. The books listed below are the books I’ve read. There will be a part 3 soon!

Dominy, Amy Fellner 
Ellison, Danielle 
Foster, Delaney 
Fox, Ella 
Fox, Tori 
Gunderman, Kelly 
Hughes, Maya 
Jacobs, Emery 
Jenkins, Stefanie 
Kanno, Aya 
Kemmerer, Brigid 
Kennedy, Rae 
Layne, Harlow
Lee, Emma 
Mitchell, Kennedy L. 
Moran, Molli
Moss, Sadie