To Be Your Wife | Review

Title: To Be Your Wife
Series: To Be Yours #2
Author: Rae Kennedy
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: RAKE Publishing
Rating: ★★★★


We are just friends. I swear.

When I meet my best friend’s older brother, Tuck, there is an instant connection, but the timing is all wrong. He’s on the rebound and I am about to graduate and move away.

So we will just be friends. Close friends. Friends who sometimes share a bed and maybe do more than sleep…

But I can’t get emotionally attached. Not when I’m moving back home soon. Home to my new job, my family, and where Wes is waiting for me. Besides, everyone knows Wes is who I’m going to marry. Right?


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Rae Kennedy!

To Be Your Wife is the second book in the To Be Yours series and tells the story of Court and Tuck. Even though this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. 

I really liked the first book, To Be Your Girl, and when I read about Court and Tuck, I just had to know their story. I’m so happy that I read To Be Your Wife because it was such a good sequel! I enjoyed reading about Court and Tuck and they’re just so cute!

Court and Tuck are so cute together. I couldn’t stop reading about them because I just couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. I love the best friend’s older brother trope, and the romance is somewhat slow burn which is a plus as well. And the dirty talk?! Damn…

To Be Your Wife was such a fast-paced read and it was hard to put this book down! I also really liked that we got to see bits of Haley and Cade's story through someone else's eyes! I cannot wait for the next book in the To Be Yours series!