Beautiful Carnage | Review

Title: Beautiful Carnage
Series: The Boys of Sinners Bay #1
Authors: Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 24 January 2020
Rating: ★★★★★


“If she sleeps in my bed every night, she’ll end up falling in love with me … and that’ll be awkward as hell when I have to kill her.” 


He’s my twisted nightmare. 
My blood bound enemy. 
My ruthless desire. 

Our fates were spun the night he tried to kill me and now he’s back to destroy me for good.

It’s always been us verses them. The Calabresis against the Romeros.

This city is ours but they vowed to take it from us. And when they couldn’t, they took me instead.

Now I’m chained by the cruellest of them all; the man who wrapped his hands around my throat and tried to squeeze the life from me all those years ago.

But I won’t fall prey to him. I’m older, fiercer and I’ve grown claws of my own.

Rocco Romero thinks he can keep me captive, but he’s about to regret bringing a sleeping tiger into his home.


She’s my greatest failure. 
The name that always haunts me. 
My dirty little secret. 

And when I had the chance to kidnap her from her wedding, nothing on God’s green earth could stop me.

She’s mine. I could take her life, her body or her heart if I wanted to.

But my brothers refuse to believe me.

So when they bet I can’t make the little principessa fall in love with me, of course I step up to the challenge.

And when she’s down on her knees, pouring her heart out, I’ll crush it in my fist.

I’m lining the Calabresis up like dominoes. And she’ll be the first to fall.

**Beautiful Carnage is a standalone mafia bully romance between one sexy guy and girl with hot scenes and alpha men causing havoc at every turn** 


This book was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti!

Beautiful Carnage is the first book in The Boys of Sinner Bay series and tells the story of Sloan and Rocco.

Beautiful Carnage is the first Contemporary Romance Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti have written and they killed it! It was such an amazing book and I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in one day because the story was so well written and I had to know how the story was going to end.

If you cut me open, her name would be branded right on the blackened lump of my heart.

Sloan’s dream is to be free, free from her father and to be able to live her own life. But life’s not always how we like it. She even gets captured by her enemy… But one thing that I love about her is that she keeps being strong! Rocco is your typical bully and some moments I kind of hated him but at the same time, I couldn’t stop loving him…

"I am yours from my black heart to my tarnished soul," he growled powerfully. "Take it, own it, destroy it, I don’t care as long as it’s in your possession."

Beautiful Carnage was such an amazing (and messed up) Romance read with an epic plot twist! I didn’t see the plot twist coming at all. Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti did another amazing job and I cannot wait for the next book in The Boys of Sinner Bay series!