January sales shopping in Antwerp

I want to post more things about what I do/did, and not just about the books I read and makeup tutorials, etc. So I decided to write a blog post about my January sales shopping trip. My mum and I always go to Antwerp at the beginning of the sales period and we went last Friday. I really enjoyed it even though I didn’t buy that much. 

I bought a cropped shirt and a soft pink sweater. The sweater is a bit shorter with long sleeves and I just love it, it’s so soft and the shade of pink is so stunning.

So some of you may know this store, it’s a drugstore that you can find in Belgium and the Netherlands. I bought a beautiful purple scrunchie. I’ve been loving my scrunchies and it’s hard not to buy new colours!

A few years ago I bought the same kind of shirt but in another colour (blue with pink stripes) and I really like the fit, so I decided to buy this one. I’m looking for some good shirts for my internship because I cannot go to my internship in a band tee, right?! If you’re interested in this shirt, you can find it here.

I couldn’t not buy some makeup products, right?! I bought my favourite black eyeliner in the world, a beautiful soft brown/grey lip liner and a glitter eyeliner. I’ve been looking for a beautiful glitter liner for a long time. I’m thinking of making some cut crease looks with this liner!

I bought a cute pair Harry Potter pyjama bottoms and they’re so soft! I also bought a pair of tights and some Funko pops. They were so cheap, they were only €3 per Funko pop!

The Body Shop
And last but not least: my The Body Shop goodies! I love buying TBS products during the sales period because they’re so cheap and you can buy these cute Christmas sets for yourself! I cannot live without my TBS hand cream so I bought two new ones as well as a cleanse gel. I also bought a cute set that contains a perfume and a body cream.

So that’s it! I hope you guys liked this post and there will probably be another one at the end of the month because my mum would love to go to another city to buy some more clothes!