16 Mar 2020

Matzah Ball Surprise | Review

Title: Matzah Ball Surprise
Author: Laura Brown
Pages: 230 pages
Version: Ebook
Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck
Release date: 16 March 2020
Rating: ★★★★


This Passover is starting to feel like the ten plagues might be coming back to haunt them before the weekend is over … one hilarious misstep after the next.

Gaby Fineberg just wants to get through Passover Seder without her ‘well meaning’ family playing matchmaker. She needs a date, just for one simple meal – that includes singing, the history of her forefathers, and not one bit of yeast. The hot guy at her gym would be perfect. He probably hates bread, anyway, with a body like that. But when she finally works up the nerve to ask him … he doesn’t hear a word she said.

Levi Miller is deaf and happily single. Initially, he doesn’t know why this beautiful woman is talking to him, but it’s clear she needs help – and suddenly so does he. In a very complicated situation, Levi finds a simple solution. Gaby will pretend to be his new girlfriend to bail him out, and he’ll return the favor. But he didn’t bargain for a family dinner quite like this one…


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Entangled: Lovestruck!

Matzah Ball Surprise is a standalone Romance book about Gaby and Levi.

Since I read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, I’ve always been fascinated by deaf people and sign language. I’ve never really read or watched anything about the deaf community and that book was really eye-opening for me. When I saw that Entangled: Lovestruck is going to publish a book about someone falling in love with a deaf person, I just had to request an arc! Matzah Ball Surprise was such a good book and I enjoyed reading about Gaby and Levi!

Gaby just had a breakup but she needs a date for her family event… Levi doesn’t want to spend his weekend with his family… And then they meet each other… Gaby and Levi are just meant to be together. They’re just so cute together and I love that Gaby is trying to learn ASL specially for Levi. I just couldn’t get enough of them together!

Matzah Ball Surprise was such an enjoyable Romance read and I loved reading about Gaby and Levi. Although this is a good book, the ending was a bit abrupt. I would’ve liked one or two chapters after the last chapter. But besides that, the book was really good! I cannot wait to read more books by Laura Brown.

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