Gilded Ruins | Review

Title: Gilded Ruins
Series: Blinding Night #2
Author: Chantal Gadoury
Pages: 295 pages
Version: ARC (Ebook)
Release date: 12 May 2020
Publisher: Parliament House Press
Rating: ★★★★


Summer and Darce are summoned by the order of Zeus himself to travel to the home of the Gods: Mount Olympus, where they’re to face even more ancient Gods and Goddesses.

Summer braces to confront her mother again, illuminating secrets about the truth of her tragic pasts, while also persuading Zeus to allow her to stay with the God of the Underworld, her true love – Darce.

Aboard Poseidon’s luxury yacht, Summer meets her mythological family, while also uncovering what exactly happened to her past lives – and the true roles her mother and Darce played.

When Darce and Summer suddenly find themselves separated, Summer must find her inner power and unite them together, before her mortal time runs out.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Chantal Gadoury!

Gilded Ruins is the second book in the Blinding Night series and continues the story of Summer and Darce.

I really liked Blinding Night because I’ve never read a retelling of Hades and Persephone’s story before. I don’t know their original story either but I really liked the retelling and Gilded Ruins was such a good sequel! I enjoyed reading about Darce and Summer, and their friends and enemies.

I really like Darce/Hades. He does everything to make sure that Summer is okay and he does everything to save their relationship. He’s truly in love with Summer. Summer’s been through a lot in both books and I think that she became stronger towards the end of the book. And they’re just perfect for each other.

Gilded Ruins was such a good book, and I really liked the ending. Darce and Summer’s story was just so good and I really liked the pop culture references, they made the book even better! Blinding Night and Gilded Ruins were both amazing books and I cannot wait to read more books by Chantal Gadoury!