July Bullet Journal set up

Here I am with another Bullet Journal post! So I decided to skip June’s BuJo set up because I wasn’t the biggest fan of the set up and I didn’t want to put so much effort in writing a blog post when I didn’t like the set up. But I’m happy with July’s set up so here you go!

I used some brown paper, washi tape, a brush pen and a cute letter stamp set from Hema.

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The first page is my monthly overview together with my ‘to do’ and ‘to read’ list. I changed the monthly calendar layout a bit and I messed up by colouring the days of June and August, so I had to write down those dates. It’s a small mistake, so I’m not that mad.

July Bullet Journal set up - monthly overview

Then we have my habit tracker and weekly spreads. I decided to create an entire habit tracker page again because I wanted to make my weekly spreads a bit simpler and easier to create. I’m graduated now and I’m trying to find my first job and trying to get my driver’s licence, so I won’t be having that much time anymore to create bigger weekly spreads. And because I graduated, I don’t need that much space anymore to write things down.

July Bullet Journal set up - Habit tracker & weekly spread
July Bullet Journal set up - weekly spread
July Bullet Journal set up - weekly spread

And the last two pages are my wrap up and a reading tracker. I was scrolling through Pinterest and I found some reading trackers and I thought it was fun to put one in my journal.

July Bullet Journal set up - wrap up & reading tracker

I hope you guys liked this Bullet Journal post. If you did, feel free to pin this post on Pinterest!