Keeping You Away | Review

Title: Keeping You Away
Series: Tyler & Gemma Duet #1
Author: Kennedy Fox
Pages: 284 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 16 July 2020
Rating: ★★★★


I never planned on returning to Alabama, but circumstances brought me here after years of being gone. Though Lawton Ridge is my hometown, I was hesitant to go back because of her —my sister’s best friend. The last time we were together, she was eighteen, and I was a broken soldier transitioning to civilian life.

Gemma wrote to me while I was overseas and we developed a bond I hadn’t anticipated. I crushed her heart the day I left, and it’s something I’ve never forgotten. But now that her dad is my new boss, life just got way more complicated.
Too sweet, too innocent, too good for a guy like me—I should walk away again.

After serving five years in prison for something I didn’t do, I’m constantly on guard. Though I’ve taught people how to protect themselves in a boxing ring, no one can help prepare me for my next move. I’m about to enter the fight of my life and face the mafia princess who put me behind bars. She thinks I fear her and will stay away, but she has another thing coming. I plan to make her pay, but that means risking everything.

I trust no one, but Gemma gradually breaks down my walls and exposes the pain I’ve hidden underneath. For her own sake, I should keep my distance, but it’s nearly impossible when I hear her sweet humming while I work and she slowly draws me back in. It’s a battle I didn’t train for, and one I’ll lose if I don’t keep my restraint—especially since she’s engaged to another man.

Keeping You Away is a slow-burn, angsty romance wrapped up in an intense love story. It’s book 1 in the Tyler & Gemma Duet & must be read first.


This book was provided by the author through Wildfire Marketing Solutions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kennedy Fox and Wildfire Marketing Solutions!

Keeping You Away is the first book in the Tyler & Gemma Duet and tells the story of Tyler and Gemma.

Keeping You Away is the first book I’ve read by Kennedy Fox and I really liked it! When I read the synopsis, I was really interested and I wanted to know more about the main characters and their story. I finished Keeping You Away in two days because it was a fast paced and well written read.

I really liked reading Tyler and Gemma’s story and I really liked the characters. Tyler is definitely an amazing character because I’d see myself falling for him. As for Gemma, I like her, but I wish she was a bit stronger and made some different decisions. I hope I will like her a bit more in the second book in the duet.

In the beginning of the book, the author briefly mentions Liam and Maddie’s story through Tyler’s POV, and I’m really interested in their story. I liked that we could enjoy Keeping You Away without having to read Liam and Maddie’s story. However, I think I’ll read their books after finishing the Tyler & Gemma Duet.

Keeping You Away was a good first book and I really loved the story in general, and I also loved the love letters! The love letters give you more information about Tyler and Gemma’s past and the beginning of their friendship/relationship. I’m really excited for the second and final book in the Tyler & Gemma Duet.