My natal chart

I’ve always been interested in astrology and the different zodiac signs, so I finally decided to get my natal chart. I used the first website that came up on my Google search, it’s I decided to copy paste the information I got from the website and give a reply to the analysis I got from my chart.

Pisces, 8°11'48"
third house

The sun determines your ego, identity, and "role" in life. It’s the core of who you are, and is the sign you’re most likely to already know. Your Sun is in Pisces, meaning you are fundamentally dreamy, insightful, and in your own world. You exist on a chaotic plane of the divine that is not at all material. Your rich imagination endows you with a strong intuition for hidden emotional currents. When you take offense it is deeply, and you aren’t necessarily interested in reconciliation. It’s in your third house, meaning you feel the need to distinguish yourself from others through the things you know and are familiar with.

I can really connect to what my sun sign is. I think I have a rich imagination and a strong intuition. When I take offence, it is deeply for me and I agree with the reconciliation. I’ve had some fake friends or toxic friends and I don’t see myself reconciling with them.

Scorpio, 21°31'51"
first house

Your ascendant is the "mask" you present to people. It can be seen in your personal style and how you come off to people when you first meet. Some say it becomes less relevant as you get older. It changes every two hours, so if it doesn’t make sense, text your mom to confirm your birth time. Your Ascendant is in Scorpio, meaning you come across as passionate, incisive, cunning, strategic, and perceptive. Your intense and tenacious drive comes off as intimidating and powerful if not malicious or aggressive.

I am a passionate, incisive and perceptive person, but I’m definitely not intimidating whatsoever. I’m not sure how to explain, but I do like to defend my opinions, etc. but I’m also someone that listens to others and someone that makes sure that others are heard too. I’m not someone that dominates a conversation or someone that thinks that her opinion is the only opinion possible. I hope this explains it a bit.

Pisces, 12°3'54"
fourth house

The moon rules your emotions, moods, and feelings. This is likely the sign you most think of yourself as, since it reflects your personality when you’re alone or deeply comfortable. Your Moon is in Pisces, meaning your emotional self is empathetic, dreamy, sensitive, and gentle. You feel vulnerable much of the time, and desperately wish for a partner who deeply understands you. It’s in your fourth house, meaning you find security and safety through your home and family.

The analysis of my moon sign is so accurate. People always describe me as an empathetic, sensitive and gentle person and I have to admit that I’m also dreamy. I am really vulnerable and I am so happy that I have found a partner that understands me. I do find security and safety through home and family, especially through my boyfriend.

Pisces, 12°13'1"
fourth house

Mercury determines how you communicate, talk, think, and process information. It also indicates how you learn. It is the mind’s planet. Your Mercury is in Pisces, meaning your intellect is emotionally-driven, dreamy, and a bit in the clouds. Your imagination and intuition keeps you open to other people’s ideas. You are a good listener, though you may have a tendency for white lies. You prefer face-to-face communication. It’s in your fourth house, meaning you are curious about and inclined to analyze how to take care of people and what feels like home.

I love hearing about other people’s ideas, opinions and feelings, I think I am a good listener. Regarding the white lies part… I really hate lying but I have to admit I have told a few white lies, just so I could make someone feel better. I do prefer face-to-face communication, but only with someone that I know well and someone I care about. I’m an introvert, so I don’t like conversations with new people or people that I don’t really know. I do am curious about and inclined to analyse how to take care of people and what feels like home.

Capricorn, 26°3'34"
second house

Venus determines how and what you love. It indicates how you express affection and the qualities you’re attracted to. Your Venus is in Capricorn, meaning your romantic side is somewhat repressed in the name of responsibility and rationality. Sometimes it seems like you don’t care about love. You’re extremely cautious and appreciate stability. It’s in your second house, meaning that for you, love is often expressed in money and material possessions.

I don’t agree with this analysis at all. Romance and responsibility and rationality don’t fit together for me and I care about love. I’m not that cautious but I do appreciate stability. And love is definitely not expressed in money and material possessions. Since I didn’t like this analysis, I did a Google search for Venus signs and I picked the first website again, and I could relate to some of the things they mentioned: "You tend to be loyal, patient, hardworking, and trustworthy. You’re not into casual, superficial relationships of any kind."

Pisces, 25°35'47"
fourth house

Mars is the planet of aggression. It determines how you assert yourself, take action, and the energy that surrounds you—particularly in your sex life, your ambitiousness, and when you’re angry. Your Mars is in Pisces, meaning you assert yourself in a way that is dreamy, intuitive, and thoughtful, and you push things forward with imagination and emotion. It’s in your fourth house, meaning you put a lot of energy into your home and family.

This is so true. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I completely agree with this. My family is really important to me and I’m always really thoughtful and emotional. 

Pisces, 5°24'54"
third house

One of the two social planets, Jupiter rules idealism, optimism, and expansion. It’s also very philosophical. Your Jupiter is in Pisces, meaning you grow and find understanding through empathy, dreaminess, and compassion. It’s in your third house, meaning you find success through the things you know and are familiar with.

Again this is so true. I’m definitely someone who’s really empathetic and I have a lot of compassion for others. I’m someone that’s usually afraid of trying new things so it’s true that I find success through things that I know and am familiar with. 

Aries, 17°52'57"
fifth house

The other social planet, Saturn rules responsibility, restrictions, limits, boundaries, fears, and self-discipline. Your Saturn is in Aries, meaning you struggle with aggression, impatience, defensiveness, hastiness, and conceit. It’s in your fifth house, meaning you have had difficulties with romance, self-expression, creativity, and pleasure.

I’m not so sure what to think of this one. I am sometimes a bit impatient and I can get a bit defensive, but I don’t know what to think of my difficulties with romance, self-expression, creativity and pleasure. I’m someone that’s really creative and I love using my creativity but I’m also not always happy with the things that I have created. As for self-expression, I think I am able to express myself, I’m someone who can talk about her feelings, but I’m usually too anxious to do so. I’m afraid of others’ opinions, and sometimes I’m afraid to be my ‘real’ self. I am, however, content with the romance and pleasure part of my life.

Aquarius, 10°22'1"
third house

Uranus stays in each sign for seven years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person. It rules innovation, rebellion, and progress. Your Uranus is in Aquarius, meaning other generations are shocked by your generation’s unconventionality, intellectuality, and detachedness. It’s in your third house, meaning that for you, this manifests in rebelling against dated expectations about the things you know and are familiar with.

When I read this part, I immediately thought of me being a feminist. I want to see change, I want to see equal rights for women, POC and people from the LGBTQIAPD+ community. Me being a feminist is rebelling against dated expectations. Women aren’t just housewives anymore, we can be ambitious and some of us don’t want children, and that’s okay. I am someone who fights for women, POC and LGBT+ rights.

Aquarius, 1°1'30"
second house

Neptune stays in each sign for around fourteen years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person. It rules dreams, imagination, and the unconscious. Your Neptune is in Aquarius, meaning your entire generation finds inspiration through detached analysis and intellectual pursuits. It’s in your second house, meaning that for you, this manifests in your ideal—verging on unrealistic and impractical—about money and material possessions.

I don’t really agree with this, I’m not really a money & materialistic person, but I also don’t know how to counter this… This is hard, lol.

Sagittarius, 8°1'14"
first house

Pluto stays in each sign for up to thirty years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person. It rules power, intensity, obsession, and control. Your Pluto is in Sagittarius, meaning your generation’s psyche is comparatively positive, free-spirited, curious, optimistic, forward-looking, independent, and confident. It’s in your first house, meaning you personally are transforming your self and self-image—and, because it’s your first house, your Pluto in Sagittarius is hyper-present in your personality.

I think this is somewhat true. I am someone that’s really curious and forward-looking, I can be independent and confident although that’s not that often. As for optimistic, I am someone that tries to see the good in everything but once something bad happens I can be really pessimistic. I also looked up a few Sagittarius traits, and I am fair-minded and honest.

I think it’s really funny that a lot of my signs are Pisces, I think that when there are zodiac posts on Instagram, I usually gravitate towards the Pisces memes. It was interesting to find out more about myself and the different signs, although some of them weren’t that accurate. I couldn’t always relate to the analysis but most of the time it was quite accurate. It was really interesting and I’m happy that I finally decided to do this!