Broken Fae | Review

Title: Broken Fae
Series: Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac #4
Authors: Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti
Pages: 663 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 31 August 2020
Rating: ★★★★★


Me and my kings have come as close to breaking as I ever could have feared.

Just as we were finding a way to get past our difficulties, the stars have torn us apart. Can I fight against the will of the heavens or does fate have something unforeseen in store for me now?

While we’re reeling from the wheel of fate and trying to find a way to move on with our lives, our enemies are only growing more powerful.

Felix Oscura is haunting Alestria with his bloodthirsy need to steal the power of the clan he was never destined to rule over. And the illusive King is growing closer to their goal of taking control of the entire city and maybe even beyond.


This book was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti!

Broken Fae is the fourth book in the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series and continues the story of Elise and her four Kings, Dante, Gariel, Leon and Ryder.

Broken Fae was yet another amazing book by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti. It was such an addictive read and hard to put down. I read every second I could, and I enjoyed every second. Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti are such talented sisters and I cannot not love their books!

Whatever other doubts I may have had about what had happened with this bond, I knew for certain that the stars had been right about one thing: he was meant for me and I was meant for him.

So many crazy things happened to Elise and her men, but one thing that I loved was the character development because of all those crazy things. I remember some characters being totally different in the first three books… I loved all the changes that happened and it’s so hard to pick a favourite king now. I do know that all four kings have done some good things in this book and I love them all!

I still don’t know what else this meant, but I did know one thing. My feelings for the other kings hadn’t been diminished by my mate bond to Leon. And if I could have this with one of them then I intended to win them all back to me.

My mind is still thinking about the information we got about Gareth and the Black Card. I’m still processing everything that happened in Broken Fae and I really need the fifth and final book in the series, Warrior Fae. Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti did an amazing job with writing Broken Fae and I’m so excited for their next book!