December Bullet Journal set up

It’s been a while but here I am with another Bullet Journal post! I haven’t been posting my set ups because I’ve been making them last minute and I never had time to take photos of the empty pages. I didn’t feel like sharing photos of the pages where I scribbled some personal stuff hence why I haven’t been posting my bujo set ups. But I finally had the time to create my pages and take photos of them!

I used some Christmas paper from Action, a few brush pens from Kruidvat and a cute letter stamp set from Hema.

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The first page is my monthly overview together with my ‘to do’ and ‘to read’ list. For once, I’ve swapped the placement of my calendar and my two lists. I liked how these two pages turned out even though the calendar isn’t perfect. That’s what you get from freestyling it, lol!

Then we have my habit tracker and weekly spreads. I’ve been loving the habit tracker again even though I often forget to keep track of everything. I’ve been busy and I sometimes forget to use my Bullet Journal. As for the weekly spreads, I changed the way of ‘writing’ the titles. I may or may not have forgotten to take a photo of one of my weekly spreads… But they’re similar, just some different Christmas paper.

Then we have my wrap up and a reading tracker. I like keeping track of everything I read and watch every month as well as how many days per month I’ve read. I’ve also added a ‘books bought’ section because I like to keep track of the books I buy every month.

Lastly, I also added a few Christmas-related things in my Bullet Journal. I added a ‘Christmas Cards’ tracker so I can keep track of who I’m sending a card and whether or not I’ve written the card. I also made a ‘Christmas gifts’ tracker so I can keep track of the gifts I need to buy. I also added a wish list, and a cute Christmas quote.

I hope you guys liked this Bullet Journal post. If you did, feel free to pin this post on Pinterest!