2021 Bullet Journal set up

A new year means a new Bullet Journal, right?! I’m so excited to start the new year and use my new Bullet Journal! I went to my local craft store to get a new bujo and I’m in love. It’s a pink velvet journal from Rössler. For 2021, I wanted to do something different. I like Bullet Journal’ing but it feels like I don’t use my journal enough even though I put so much time and effort in it. So, for 2021 I created some extra bookish spreads and also a ‘savings’ spread. The theme for my 2021 spreads are butterflies because I got some cute butterfly stickers and stamps.

My supplies:

Let’s start talking about my Bullet Journal spreads. The first page is really simple. I used some colourful paper and wrote down 2021 and put a sticker on it. Lol. I didn’t want to do too much, just something simple.

The next page is my ‘year at a glance’ page. It’s an easy overview of all the months together with a page for important days such as appointments and birthdays. I stuck with a theme of 4 colours: pink, blue, purple and yellow. My butterfly stickers were mostly those colours and my journal was pink, so I wanted something that matched.

The next few spreads are my ‘year in photos’ spreads. I really liked the one that I created in my 2020 journal and since I’m getting a mini printer, I decided to create bigger frames for the pictures. And because these pages were a bit empty, I decorated them with washi tape, stickers and stamps.

Next to the last ‘year in photos’ spread, I created a ‘savings’ spread. I want to keep track of all the money I’m going to save in 2021, all the money for my personal account and the joint account with my boyfriend. Let’s hope I’ll save a lot 😉. After creating the two boxes, I realised that I didn’t leave space for me taking money from my savings account. Oh well, I can always create an extra spread.

And now my favourite spreads: my reading tracker spreads. The first two pages are my ‘reading goals’ spreads. I’m not going into too much detail because I want to make a separate post about my reading goals for 2021. On the left page, I created a grid to track the books I’ve read in 2021. On the right page I mentioned a few other goals.

Then we have my reading overview. I want to keep track of how many physical books, ebooks, graphic novels/manga/comics and how many ARCs I’m reading in 2021. I think it’s something interesting to keep track of, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the stats.

Then I created two pages for all the ARCs I’ll receive in 2021. I really want to keep track of my reading habits and the books I receive for review. I just think it’s something interesting. Now in these spreads I’m going to write down the title and name of the author, and in which month I received the ARC.

And the last two pages of my 2021 spreads are two pages for my buddy reads. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of books with other people and I think it’s fun to write that down too. I’m going to print the covers of the book and write down with whom I’ve buddy read the book.

So I hope you liked my 2021 spreads and I’m so excited to use this Bullet Journal. I’ve put a lot of effort into these pages so let’s hope I’ll use these pages. Keep an eye out for my January Bullet Journal set up. I’m going to create the pages and hopefully the blog post will be up on my blog next week!