Mine to Save | Review

Title: Mine to Save
Series: Protection #2
Author: Kennedy L. Mitchell
Pages: 337 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 14 December 2020
Rating: ★★★★★


Her tragic destiny was written long before he came into town.

Ellie longs to leave the small town she’s restricted to, but nothing and no one can change her bleak future. Every day is the same, until a trail of bodies is found just inside the town’s borders. When the sexy stranger steps into the bar, her body and hormones thrum on overdrive, making her desperately wish he was there to save her from more than just the killer.

FBI profiler Chandler Peters is broken in all the wrong places and searching for the one person who could save him from himself. Little does he know the urgent call that sends him to help hunt for a serial killer will also lead him to her. Ellie’s mysterious past, wit, and hidden scars speak to him unlike any other, making him wonder if they could save each other. When all the evidence points to Ellie being in danger, Chandler races to find the killer before the woman who makes him live again becomes the next victim.

As Chandler fights to protect Ellie from the fate she seems to be destined for, the two grow close as the days pass and the case builds. But will it all be enough when the killer who wants her for his own hides in plain sight, always watching and waiting for the perfect moment to take back what’s his?

Mine to Save is FBI Profiler Chandler Peters’ story from Mine to Protect. It can be read as a standalone. If you love a little darkness to your suspense then this book is for you!

*Please note this book DOES contain several triggers (the serial killer does not play nice with others) and detailed mature content. This book is recommended for 18+.


This book was provided by the author through Wildfire Marketing Solutions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kennedy L. Mitchell and Wildfire Marketing Solutions!

Mine to Save is a standalone Romantic Suspense book about set in the world of Mine to Protect. Mine to Save tells the story of Chandler and Ellie.

"What if we're not broken but simply searching for the other half that will heal the cracks and fissures? Can what's left of you fit with what's left of me, making us each whole through the other?"

I really loved Mine to Protect and when I saw the sign-up form for Mine to Save, I had to sign up. And I’m so happy I did. Mine to Save was such an amazing and addicting book and I had to know how Chandler and Ellie’s story was going to end. It was so hard to stop reading because you had to know who was the killer. And I thought I knew who was the killer, but I was so wrong… Lol.

I really liked Chandler. He was so caring and understanding, and I also liked his alpha male moments. Ellie was definitely such an interesting character. Ellie used to be part of a cult and after escaping the cult, she had to live with her trauma. I think she’s a strong character and I loved seeing her change throughout the book. As for the killer, I am surprised. I didn’t see it coming at all. I loved the twist though!

I really enjoyed reading Mine to Save and I highly recommend this book and Mine to Protect. Kennedy L. Mitchell did an amazing job with both books and I loved discovering this world. Mine to Save was such a good and well-written read and I cannot wait to read more books by Kennedy L. Mitchell!