February Bullet Journal set up

I'm a bit late with my February set up but better late than never, right?! For some reason I kept procrastinating and I started my set up on the last day of January. Due to work and my anniversary with my boyfriend, it took a little while to write the blog post. But I’m so happy with how my set up turned out and I'm excited to share it with you!

My supplies:

Let’s start with my first page for my February spreads. I just grabbed a paper with some brown on it to match my theme for this month. It's really simple but I wanted to give every set up a page in their theme.

The next page is my monthly overview together with a ‘to do’ list, ‘to read’ list and a little space for some notes. I decorated the pages with some washi tape, book paper and stickers. I really like the stickers, they're easy to use and really beautiful! I also made a small mistake so I put some bujo paper on top of the mistake.

The next spreads are my habit trackers. Since February is a beautiful month of only 4 weeks, I decided to create two pages for my habit trackers so that the weekly spreads are even. I like how it turned out even though the writing isn't the same everywhere.

Then we have my weekly spreads. For my weekly spreads I stuck to the set up I always use, and decorated the pages with paper, washi tape and stickers. I also kind of forget to write down the dates of the weeks, but I added those after I took the pictures.

And lastly, we have my bookish spreads. The first page is my ‘wrap up’ page so I can keep track of all the books I’ve read and all the TV shows and movies I’ve watched. Then the next page is my ‘days read’ page so I can keep track whether or not I've read every day of February. I also created some space for all the books I bought in February.

So I hope you liked my February set up and feel free to check out my other Bullet Journal posts! If you liked this post, you can always pin it: