April Bullet Journal set up

Surprise surprise, I’m not late with my April Bullet Journal set up. This time I did feel like creating some spreads in my Bullet Journal but unfortunately I didn’t know what to do and I ended up with spreads that I didn’t really like. They aren’t ugly, I know that, but I’m just not really a fan of April’s set up. Oh well, I created them and I’m going to use them. For April I went with a strawberry theme and used strawberry stickers and pink and green washi tape and brush pens.

My supplies:

So yet again I forgot to take a picture of my monthly page but it’s just some pink paper with a strawberry sticker. Nothing special. Then we have my monthly overview with a handy calendar and three grids. One for the books I need to read in April, one for my ‘to do’ list and one for random notes. I decorated the pages with pink paper, green and pink washi tape and some strawberry stickers. I also printed two stickers with my Phomemo printer.

The next two pages are my habit tracker and my first weekly spread. I really like the habit tracker that I’ve created the past couple of months. It’s easier to draw and also faster to draw. My habit tracker spread is decorated with pink washi tape and a strawberry sticker. My weekly spreads are decorated with pink paper, green washi tape and strawberry stickers.

Here are my other weekly spreads:

For the last two pages in my April set up, I created my bookish spreads. As usual, on the left page we have my wrap up set up with a grid for the books I read, one for all the TV shows I watched and one for all the movies I watched in April. The right page has a ‘days read’ tracker so I can keep track of all the days I read a book/read some chapters. Then at the bottom I left some space for the books I bought/got in April so I can easily write my monthly book hauls for my blog. And so I can keep track of how much money I spent on books, lol! I decorated my bookish spreads with pink and green washi tape, and strawberry stickers.

Even though I’m not really a fan of April’s set up, I hope you enjoyed reading about my April set up and you can always check out my other Bullet Journal posts!
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