Desolation | Review

Title: Desolation
Series: The Salvation Society
Author: Tori Fox
Pages: 333 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Rating: ★★★★


A year ago, I lost my job and my best friend.
Ever since then I’ve kept my emotions on lockdown.
I’ve built my walls into a fortress.
I wasn’t expecting Mari to walk into my life.
And I never thought I would let someone in.
But with her, I had no choice.
She saw me.
The only one who ever has.
But I still hold back from letting her in completely.
And I know she is too.
Her secrets run deep… Deeper than mine.
And I know they will come crashing down.
Our pasts are ready to break us both.
Is she meant to be my salvation or am I forever destined for desolation?

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Tori Fox!
Desolation is a standalone book set in The Salvation Society series and tells the story of Mari and Landon.
Desolation was such a good Romance read and I really enjoyed reading Mari and Landon’s story. I also really liked a bit about Ryder again. I really loved Tori Fox’ White Creek series and Forgotten Pieces was such an emotional read. I think that Desolation also was a bit emotional because it talks about our main characters’ pain and demons, but it was also a bit suspenseful because you want to know who is Mari’s problem.

All the things that Landon’s been through, doesn’t make his life easy. I felt really bad for him. But besides that, I think he was such a great character and I couldn’t stop smiling because of him. Mari had quite a few secrets, and she was really reluctant to opening up to Landon. I’m really glad she did open up to Landon because they’re just so cute together!

Desolation was a good and enjoyable Romance read. I was having some troubles with a reading slump and because of that, it took me a few days to finish Desolation. I think that if I wasn’t having a reading slump, I would’ve finished this book sooner!