Saving Tess | Review

Title: Saving Tess
Series: Dillon Creek #2
Author: J. Lynn Bailey
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 18 May 2021
Rating: ★★★★


Casey Atwood, a top contender in this year’s World Finals for the Professional Bull Riders, would rather leave Dillon Creek in his rearview mirror. He wants the past in the past with each eight-second ride. He’s not into the fame or the money of it all, he’s addicted to the adrenaline that allows him to forget.

But when Casey receives a letter from a local attorney that would put him, and the only woman that’s ever owned his heart, in the same place for an extended period, he’s not so sure about his future with the PBR, about his heart, especially with their fragile past.


Tess Morgan is scheduled, regimented. A first-grade teacher, proficient in organization and list management, she finds solace with her students and has loved teaching since she started the profession. But when Tess loses her job, everything starts to unravel, including her history with Casey Atwood.

When she receives a letter from a local attorney, tying her past to her future, she takes the opportunity—that is until Casey Atwood appears at the door, rugged, sexy, and unpredictable. Yet the secret that ties them together leaves them both grasping for anything to help mend their hearts.

Eventually, the madness and chaos of that night all those years ago return and they can’t seem to stop the heartbreak they’re both headed for.

Will Casey and Tess have the ability to face their demons, or will they both break before the healing begins?


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you J. Lynn Bailey!

Saving Tess is the second book in the Dillon Creek series and tells the story of Tess and Casey.

Saving Tess was a beautiful and messy read about young lovers, loss, hope and addiction. Although it took me a bit to get into the story, I really enjoyed reading it. This book made me feel so many different emotions and I had to know how the story was going to end. 

Tess and Casey have a past together and it’s not easy for them to see each other again. I think that both characters are really strong. They’re fighting their feelings for each other, but they’re also embracing them. I really admire Tess and Casey, I think they’re both beautiful humans and I really enjoyed reading about them. I really liked getting to know them, their past and their true feelings.

Saving Tess was a great read and I’m glad that I got to read an ARC of this book. J. Lynn Bailey is a talented author and I love how ‘real’ her stories get. J. Lynn Bailey is not afraid to talk about the ugly things in life such as addiction and death. I really liked this book and I’m excited for the next book in the Dillon Creek series, Leaving Scarlet.