Kindle Unlimited haul #3

I managed to read 5 more books with my Kindle Unlimited subscription so here I am with another KU haul! This haul is filled with some good books and let’s talk about them!

1. Reaper Reborn (The Grimm Brotherhood #3) by Kel Carpenter & Meg Anne
I finally managed to finish The Grimm Brotherhood series and I really enjoyed it! It was a while since I read the first book and the second book, so I forgot a few things and it was a bit hard to get into the story. But when I was finally into the story, I really enjoyed reading about Salem and her friends. I really like this story because it’s something I haven’t read before, and the main character, Salem, is really badass!

2. Second Chance Sweetheart by Charity Ferrell 
Second Chance Sweetheart is a second chance Romance short story set in Sweetheart Colorado. I decided to pick up this short story because I really like Charity Ferrell’s writing and it’s nice to read a short book for once. I’ve been reading some big books, and I occasionally like to read a short Romance book to not get into a reading slump. Second Chance Sweetheart was a cute short story, and it was a quick read to up my reading challenge.

3-5. The Infernal Devices: Manga #1-3
by Cassandra Clare & Hyekyung Baek
I read The Infernal Devices series a long time ago but I recently started reading The Mortal Instruments graphic novels and I wanted to read the ones based on The Infernal Devices too. Originally I wanted to buy the paperback versions because I have the TMI graphic novels in paperback but I couldn’t find the TID ones anymore, but luckily I found them in Kindle Unlimited. I really enjoyed getting back into the TID world and I really loved the manga!

And that’s it for this Kindle Unlimited Haul! It’s a short one but filled with some good books.