August Bullet Journal set up

I’m again a bit late with my August Bullet Journal set up but I’m just happy that I made one. My August set up is somewhat similar to my July set up, it’s pretty simple but with some cute colours and stickers. The main reason for this was a lack of time but also because I don’t have that many pages left anymore. I counted all the pages and I have enough left if I make these simple set ups instead of the other ones I made this year. To be honest, I don’t really mind it that much, it takes up less of my time and I can still enjoy creating spreads instead of it feeling like a chore. 

I hope you guys like this set up!

My supplies:

First we have my monthly page. This time I didn’t forget to take a picture of it. It’s nothing special but none of my monthly pages are. I still like them though.

Then we have my monthly spread with a calender and some grids. I have made some space for my ‘to read’ list, my ‘to do’ list and my notes. I decorated the pages with the flower stickers and pink washi tape.

Next we have my habit tracker and my weekly spreads. Just like last month, they’re pretty simple but I still like them. They’re easy to make, and I have enough space to write everything down. Again, I decorated the pages with my flower stickers and pink washi tape. Btw, I made a tiny mistake with the habit tracker title but I fixed it by putting dotted paper on top of it.

And just like last month, I switched my reading tracker page and made some grids on the space I still had on my weekly spread page. I had some more space than last month, so the grids got a bit bigger. I really like the grids like that. I decorated my pages with stickers and washi tape. Nothing special, haha.

And that’s it! I hope you liked my August set up and feel free to check out my other Bullet Journal posts: my Bullet Journal posts.

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