Then You Saw Me | Review

Title: Then You Saw Me
Series: Prospect Street #1
Author: Carrie Aarons
Pages: 250 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 12 August 2021
Rating: ★★★★★


You know what’s guaranteed to send your heart into your throat? Opening the front door of your off-campus house to find the boy you had a crush on all through high school telling you he’s the new subletter.

Of course, he barely knew I existed back then, and still doesn’t even though we attend the same university. But in a house of six college kids, it should be easy to remain invisible while carrying a torch for him. After all, I’m skilled at being overlooked and playing second fiddle.

Except Austin Van Hewitt, my hometown’s golden boy, doesn’t get the memo. After we throw our first party of the year, I’m on his radar and somehow my lips miraculously end up on his. The budding romance is one I’ve always dreamt about. As he shows more and more interest, I push aside the plaguing insecurity of never being good enough.

But then a letter shows up in our mailbox. A time capsule I wrote to myself when I was fifteen. You know, the kind where a teacher sends it to you years later? Guess who opens it by mistake and reads all about how I plan on marrying him and having his babies one day? Did I mention I signed it using his last name?

Mortifying would be an understatement. After he starts pulling away, I’m once again the girl in the background hoping that someone will understand me enough to pay me all of their attention.

The old me, the one conditioned to settle for what she’s given, would back down. This time, though, if I want everything I almost held in my hands, I’ll have to speak up. I’ll have to admit exactly how I feel, fight for the love that was blossoming. And I’m not sure what’s scarier; voicing my inner thoughts or facing his ultimate rejection.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Carrie Aarons!

Then You Saw Me is a standalone New Adult Romance book about Taya and Austin.

I know every time I start a book by Carrie Aarons, I know that I’m going to enjoy it. Then You Saw Me was no exception. I really loved reading Then You Saw Me because it was so well-written and fast paced. This book also discusses dysfunctional families which made this book interesting, relatable and not just a book about a love story.   

I really liked Taya as a main character. I love that she had a crush on Austin when she was younger, it reminds me of my crush when I was in high school. I also really loved Taya’s friends, the three of them are so different yet form a perfect group of friends. The moment I read about Austin, I fell in love with him. I think he’s really cute and perfect for Taya!

Then You Saw Me was such a good New Adult Romance and I really enjoyed reading it. Carrie Aarons’ writing is so good, she keeps writing these amazing Romance books and I’m always excited for her new releases. I think she did such a good job with Then You Saw Me! If you’re looking for a college Romance with the forced proximity trope, then Then You Saw Me is the perfect read for you!