Clown/Mime look | Tutorial

It’s already the second Halloween look and I’m so excited for this one. This look is a clown/mime inspired look. It’s again really easy with not that many different products. I decided to add some pink to this look to make it a bit more cute, because only black and white would be too plain, in my opinion. Like I mentioned before, it’s a really easy look and it doesn’t take too much time to create it.

1. I already drew on some eyebrows before I started with the white face paint. For the eyebrows I used some black eyeshadow from my Makeup Revolution Maxi Reloaded Palette in Monster Mattes. But you can use any black eyeshadow. For the face paint I used the Nyx SFX Crème Colour in Black and in White. After using the white paint I set my face with white eyeshadow, but you can also use translucent powder if you have that. After that I created a black line around my face with the black face paint.

 2. After looking at my face I decided to change the shape of my brows a bit, I wanted to have more clown/mime kind of eyebrows. Then I drew two triangles underneath my eyes to have some more clown vibes. 

3. Then I used the Nyx Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick in Alien to create a clown-like mouth. 

4. After that I thought the look was a bit too plain, so I used pink eyeshadow from the same Makeup Revolution palette on my eyelids and as blush. 

5. Then I drew a little circle on my nose and added some lashes.

 And that’s it!