Chesire | Review

Titel: Chesire
Series: The Wonderland Novellas #1
Author: Samantha Lovelock
Pages: 136 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 30 November 2021
Rating: ★★★★★


"Follow me," he invites, "into the deepest, darkest parts. Where there are no limits, and all the best girls turn bad."

When her father is killed and her mother marries a man she barely knows, Ali’s precisely planned future falls apart. Until now, her careful life has always stayed within the lines.

Thrust into a world without boundaries, her reality blurs further when she finds herself craving the attention of the one person who scares her the most.

Torn between light and dark, how long can Ali play his dangerous game, knowing full well there aren’t any rules?

💜 Dark
🖤 MF main couple, and other goodies going on in the shadows
💜 Enemies to Lovers
🖤 College
💜 Secrets, angst, and mystery


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Samantha Lovelock!

Chesire is the first book in The Wonderland Novellas series and tells the story of Ali.

When I read the synopsis of Chesire, I was immediately interested in the story. I’m a big fan of the Enemies to Lovers trope and I loved that this book was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. Chesire is on the shorter side which made me kind of sad. I finished this book way too quickly!!! I really enjoyed reading about Ali and her ‘adventures’, and Chesire was such a fast paced and well-written read. 

Chesire tells the story of Ali, Ali’s mother remarries and she has to move to a new place and go to a new school. At that new school some crazy stuff happens and we meet some interesting guys… I really loved reading in Ali’s perspective, she’s such a fun and relatable girl. I also loved the irritable connection between Ali and Vox. Vox is your typical hot, mysterious guy, and I cannot wait to get to know him better in the next book. I’m also really interested in the twins, Axel and Deacon!

Chesire was such an amazing and quick read, and I really loved reading this book. Samantha Lovelock did such a good job, she gave us the perfect Dark College Romance! I’m really happy that I picked this book up and I’m so excited for the next book in The Wonderland Novellas! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to Ali and Vox, and their friends. Is it spring 2022 yet?!