Kindle Unlimited haul #5

Here’s another Kindle Unlimited haul for you guys. I read a mix of different books, and I enjoyed all of them. I read two Fantasy books, one Romance book, a short story and two Thrillers.

1. Come Out Swinging (Reach for the Moon #2) by Sam Hall
It’s been a few months since I read the first book in the Reach for the Moon series, so I forgot some details, but once I read more chapters, I was back into the story. I enjoyed Come Out Swinging because it was really interesting, and something I haven’t read before. I have read books about RH shifters, but this book series had some interesting terminology/back stories.

2. Model Behavior (Wrecked Roommates #1)
by Kelsie Rae
So I’ve been seeing some interesting books on TikTok and my KU list on Amazon has been growing. I let my boyfriend pick my next read and he chose Model Behavior. This book was the first book I read by Kelsie Rae, and I really enjoyed it! This book was so fast paced and I had to know what was going to happen to the main character, Reese. 

3. Take Down (Read for the Moon #3)
by Sam Hall
I had the same feeling with Take Down as I did with Come Out Swinging. I didn’t binge read them so there was some time between both books. Due to reading a lot of books, I easily forget some non-important things that can be important, lol. But besides that, I still enjoyed Take Down. The book was interesting and I liked reading Paige’s happy ending.

4. Dare or Death
by K.L. Mann
I’m in a few author groups, and one of the authors recommended this short story. I was excited to pick this book up because I love Halloween and short stories are always fun to read between big books. This Halloween short story was fun and short, perfect for Halloween. I liked the spiciness and the M/M/F situation was really interesting…

5. Don’t Look Down
by Mary Burton
I decided to pick up Don’t Look Down because I want to complete my goal of reading 5 thrillers in 2021. I picked this book up because the story sounded really interesting, and I’m so glad that I did. This book was so interesting and I really liked guessing who the serial killer is (I was right, lol). Don’t Look Down was a good Thriller and I really enjoyed reading this book!