2022 + January Bullet Journal set up

I’m a bit late with my 2022 bujo set up and my January set up, but better late than never. This year I decided to do some things differently, I changed the borders (they’re not rounded anymore), and I created more bookish spreads. I hope you will love them!

Let’s start with my 2022 set up. The first three pages are for my year in photos. I really loved these spreads last year, so I wanted to do them again. 

Then we have my important dates spreads and my savings spread. They’re really handy and I really like seeing the total amount of my savings.

Then the next few spreads are my bookish spreads. First we have my 2022 overview and my Popsugar 2022 reading challenge. I thought it was a fun idea to use a pink envelope for the reading challenge because I didn’t want to write everything down.

After my 2022 overview and Popsugar reading challenge, we have my reading goals. It’s the same set up as last year. 

And then I made some spreads for my book hauls, Kindle Unlimited hauls and arcs that I’ll receive in 2022.

The last few bookish pages are pretty empty. I made some pages for my buddy reads. I love printing the book cover and putting them on the pages.

Now my January set up starts. Firstly, we have my monthly page. It’s not perfect but I like it. I wanted to do some more drawing in my journal and I thought that the leaves match my stickers that I used on the other pages.

After my monthly page, we have my monthly overview with a calendar and some space for notes, my to do list and to read list.

Then we have my habits page and the start of my weekly spreads, and my more weekly spreads with some space for the books I read, movies I watched and TV shows I watched in January. These spreads are pretty simple, but they’re easy to use.

Lastly, we have my January wrap up where I mention my favourite book and favourite movie/TV show of the month, the number of books I read, episodes I watched and movies I watched. I also have some space for happy things and sad things as well as some space for next month’s important things.

And that’s it! I hope you guys like my spreads, and you can always check out my other Bullet Journal posts: my Bullet Journal posts.