Kindle Unlimited haul #6


My last Kindle Unlimited haul is from a few months ago but I finally read some more KU books. I really want to make use of my subscription and read some more Kindle Unlimited books. In January and in February I read the following books:

1. Deathly Omens (Silver Moon Academy #4) by Song Storm
I’ve been reading the Silver Moon Academy series because the synopsis sounded really promising, the series not so much. Don’t get me wrong, the books are okay but there are a lot errors and sometimes it’s too fast paced or nothing is really happening. But I’m continuing this series because the overall story is interesting and I want to know how the series is going to end.

2. Savage Falls Sinners MC (Book #1-4) by Caitlyn Dare
I signed up for an ARC of Ruin, a spin-off set in the same world as the Savage Falls Sinners MC series, so I decided to read the entire series in January. I’m so happy that I did because I really enjoyed this story, I couldn’t get enough of the characters and I was so happy that this was a four-book-series!

3. Hot in the Kitchen (The LUSH Restaurant #1) by Olivia Burke
I read the second book in The LUSH Restauraunt series a long while ago because I got a free copy and every book in The LUSH Restaurant series can be read as a standalone. Now that one of my goals is to finish 5 book series in 2022, I thought, ‘why not finish this series?’. The LUSH Restaurant books are quick reads, I don’t think they’re over 200 pages, so perfect for my 2022 Goodreads Challenge. Hot in the Kitchen was a fun read but my least favourite one in the series.

4. Love in the Kitchen (The LUSH Restaurant #3) by Olivia Burke
As I mentioned above, I read this series for one of my reading goals. I liked the story of Victoria and Hunter because I’ve been interested in Hunter’s story after reading book 1 and 2. This book was really fast paced, and a fun Romance read.

5. Reality in the Kitchen (The LUSH Restaurant #4)
by Olivia Burke
And the last book of my Kindle Unlimited haul is the last book in The LUSH Restaurant series. This book is my favourite one in the series, it was so cute and fun. I really liked the fact that this book was set in a cooking TV show.