Wilted Orchid | Review

Title: Wilted Orchid
Series: Mafia Wars
Author: Loxley Savage
Pages: 396 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 18 February 2022
Rating: ★★★★★


I was sold to my enemies…

The rivalry between the Italians of the Outfit and the Cosa Nostra has been ongoing for decades. So imagine my terror when I find myself, the daughter of the Cosa Nostra’s boss, at the bitter end of a raw deal with the heirs of the Outfit.

Now I’m a casualty of a so-called ‘peace treaty,’ forced into the calloused, blood-stained hands of the Moretti brothers.

Salvatore, Armani, and Fausto.

The handsome faces of the Outfit bosses don’t hide the monsters that lurk beneath. They claim I’m theirs, that my life was forfeited to them in a pact sealed with my dead father’s blood. But they’re not the only ones who want to own me.

When someone from my past lurks in the dark corners of my new existence, things turn from bad to worse. My cries for help are lost, buried among the chaos of the Moretti’s dark world.

My life was never mine. And now, if I don’t figure a way out of this, I’ll become the next victim of the Mafia Wars.

*Wilted Orchid is a full-length reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world * Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, and sensitive content


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Loxley Savage!

Wilted Orchid is a standalone Mafia Romance set in the Mafia Wars world. This book tells the story of Valentina and the Italian Mafia men.

Wilted Orchid is the first book I’ve read by Loxley Savage, so I didn’t have any expectations while reading this book. I mean I had a few expectations because the other books in the Mafia Wars world are amazing, so I was hoping to enjoy Wilted Orchid as much as I enjoyed the other books in the Mafia Wars series. Luckily Loxley Savage did an amazing job, and I really liked getting to know Valentine, Armani, Fausto and Salvatore!

Wilted Orchid is set in the Mafia Wars word, a world with 6 mafia families who promised their daughter to another mafia family to ensure peace. The concept of this ‘book series’ is so interesting, and I really liked Loxley Savage’s Italian Mafia family. Armani and Fausto are twins, and Salvatore is the older brother. I really liked their bond and how Valentina changed their world. Speaking of Valentina, I really enjoyed reading her chapters because she’s such a funny girl!

Wilted Orchid was another great book in the Mafia Wars world, and I’m so happy that I discovered all these books. I’m a big fan of Mafia Romance and it’s so fun to read books that are connected to each other. I really liked reading Valentina’s story, the beginning was a bit different from the other Mafia Wars books. I also really liked reading in all perspectives and getting to know all the characters. I’m so excited for the next Mafia Wars book, Forget-Me-Not Bombshell!