May Bullet Journal set up

A bit late, like usual, but here’s my May Bullet Journal set up! This month I chose a cute tea theme, and went with a beige and dark blue brush pen from Tombow, and cute tea stickers from Moehrenkunstshop on Etsy.

Firsty we have my monthly page. I drew some tea/tea inspired doodles. It’s the only page where I draw stuff, haha. 

After my monthly page, we have my monthly overview. This overview consists of a calendar, some space for notes, space for my to do list and space for my to read list. Like every other page in this journal, I used beige and blue washi tape, my beige brush pen and stickers.

After my monthly page, we have my habit tracker and my weekly spreads. The last page of my weekly spreads has some space for my books read list, my TV shows watched list and my movies watched list. I like keeping track of what I read and watch.

And lastly, we have my May wrap up pages. As I mentioned above, I like keeping track of what I read and watch, so I made a page dedicated to more tracking! Here I keep track of my favourite book of the month, favourite TV show/movie of the month, the number of books I read, TV shows I watched and movies I watched. The next page is for keeping track of my happy and sad moments and what is happening next month.

And that’s it! I hope you guys like my spreads, and you can always check out my other Bullet Journal posts: my Bullet Journal posts.