The Price of Revenge | Review

Title: The Price of Revenge
Series: The Bad Boys of Wall Street #1
Author: Ember Leigh
Pages: 294 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 21 June 2022
Rating: ★★★★★


Eight years ago she burned me. Now, my ex is the key to my revenge against her family.

The rest of the world calls her the Princess of Wall Street, but I call her shallow. Traitorous. A she-devil in Prada. Those are the nicest words I’ll use for my ex, Cora Margulis, since I’ve made it my mission to keep her name off my lips. Though I can barely keep her memory out of my head.

My brothers and I have climbed the rungs of success, starting from the basement. Now that we’re at the top, I don’t lack much. But my newest charity needs a particular type of building. And the Realtor who holds it is the father of the Princess herself.

If he was anybody else, this would be an easy transaction. But there’s so much bad blood between the Margulis family and myself, I’m liable to drown at any moment.

But revenge burns hot inside me and I decide to alchemize this opportunity. It’s time to give the Margulis family what they deserve. I’ve been waiting eight years to show this man just how high a poor Kentucky boy can climb.

But in order to get to Allan, I need to get much closer to Cora.

The price of revenge, it turns out, is pretty steep.

I just might lose my empire—and my heart—in the process.

Billionaires. Bad boys. Bleeding hearts. These outsiders are known as the Bad Boys of Wall Street and every book in the series features glittering Manhattan skyscrapers, swoon-worthy heroes, and a guaranteed HEA.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Ember Leigh!

The Price of Revenge is the first book in The Bad Boys of Wall Street series and tells the story of Axel and Cora.

I’m a big sucker for Enemies to Lovers Romance books and when I read the synopsis of The Price of Revenge, I knew this was going to be an amazing Enemies to Lovers Romance. But Ember Leigh gave us an even better story: childhood lovers to enemies to lovers. So The Price of Revenge isn’t only an Enemies to Lovers story, but also a Second Chance story, another trope that I really enjoy! 

After finishing the prequel, The Price of a Promise, I was really interested in Axel and Cora’s story. I’m really happy that I started this series with the prequel, because it gives so much more details about what really happened to Axel and Cora before The Price of Revenge. It made me fall in love with the characters and made me more excited to read The Price of Revenge. When I started The Price of Revenge, I immediately loved Axel. I really liked his character, how much he’s changed from the prequel to his own book, his personality and obviously his looks. I also liked Cora, but Axel was definitely my favourite out of the two.

The Price of Revenge was an amazing Romance story, and I didn’t expect anything else from Ember Leigh. Ember Leigh has this way of creating a story with amazing characters and interesting twists. I really enjoy reading her books, and The Price of Revenge is one of her best books so far! I’m really looking forward to continuing The Bad Boys of Wall Street series and reading about the Damian and Trace. I’m really excited for both brothers and their happy endings!