July Bullet Journal set up

Here’s my July Bullet Journal set up! I went with a cute vintage theme this month with the vintage sticker sheet from Moehrenkunstshop on Etsy. I also used beige, brown and blue washi tape from AliExpress and green, blue, beige and brown brush pens from Tombow.

Like usual, we start with my month page. I went with a simple design of two plant vines, a tea pot and 2 books. These illustrations are based on the vintage sticker sheet from Moehrenkunstshop.

Next, we have my monthly overview. My overview consists of a calendar, space for my notes, to do list and to read list, and some stickers and washi tape!

After my monthly overview, I drew my habit tracker and weekly spreads. My habit tracker is really basic but easy to use, just like my weekly spreads. My last weekly spread has some space for my books read list, my TV shows watched list and my movies watched list. I do think that I’m going to make bigger weekly spreads next year. Sometimes I don’t have enough space for what I want to write down/track.

Lastly, we have my July wrap up pages. These two pages are filled with everything that I want to track each month: my favourites, how much I read and watched, happy things, sad things and what I’m going to do next month.

And that’s it for my July Bullet Journal set up! I hope you guys like my spreads, and you can always check out my other Bullet Journal posts: my Bullet Journal posts.