Project A.I.D.E.N. | Review

Title: Project A.I.D.E.N.
Author: Lindsey Frydman
Pages: 223 pages
Version: Ebook
Publisher: Entangled: Crave
Release date: 4 July 2022
Rating: ★★★★


Until the moment I met him, I’d never done anything wrong. Like, seriously, nothing. Until that summery afternoon when an exceptionally cute boy with unnatural green eyes—like emerald flames—stepped out in front of my car. And I hit him.

Only the boy didn’t die. There isn’t a mark on him. And now Aiden is begging me to drive him somewhere, anywhere. Because he’s being hunted, and the people chasing him will only stop when he’s dead. I know I should just keep driving, but there’s something vulnerable in his voice, in his crooked smile, that makes me want to help him … even if it means leaving “good” behind.

And “leaving good” feels a whole lot like being alive. More alive than I’ve ever felt.

Now I’m risking everything—my safety, my relationship with my dad, even my freedom—for a guy I just met. It’s not Stockholm Syndrome or even Hot Hijacker Syndrome. Something tells me Aiden’s different, really different, and it’s not just his eyes, his strength, or his preternatural smarts. Or that when he kisses me, everything else just disappears.

It’s like he’s the perfect guy.
And he might just be hiding the perfect secret.


This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Entangled Crave!

Project A.I.D.E.N.
is a standalone Young Adult Sci-Fi and tells the story of Elena and Aiden.

When I saw the cover of Project A.I.D.E.N., I had to read the synopsis. The guy one the cover really caught my attention, and I was really interested in the story. After reading the synopsis, I knew that I was going to enjoy reading this YA book. I had some expectations of this book since I read one of Lindsey Frydman’s other books, To Whatever End, and I’m glad that I picked this book up. 
Project A.I.D.E.N. is about Aiden and Elena. Aiden is an A.I. even though he doesn’t realise that’s he is one. Elena is a high school student who wants to be a mechanic. I really liked that Elena’s dream is to become a mechanic, because we don’t really see that that often in books. I liked seeing Aiden and Elena grow towards each other, and fall for each other. It’s like a typical YA story where the characters easily fall for each other and would do everything for each other. It was really cute!
I normally don’t read that many Sci-Fi books, and I really don’t know why. It’s an interesting and fun genre, and I enjoyed reading Project A.I.D.E.N.. The story was really interesting, the pacing was really nice and you can easily finish this book in a few days. It only took me two days because it’s a good and quick read. If you’re looking for a YA Sci-Fi, then I really recommend Project A.I.D.E.N.!