Her Favorite Brother | Review

Title: Her Favorite Brother
Series: Mia Thorton #3
Author: Magdalin Laine
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 15 November 2022
Rating: ★★★


Mia Thorton is no good at playing wife.

When she meets her dangerous brother-in-law she knows she’s in trouble.

Giovanni’s eyes are set on her, and he won’t take no for an answer. Running from him sends her straight into the arms of her new and overprotective stepbrother.

Colton is irritating, sweet and more fun than she’s ever known.

It doesn’t take long to realize there’s no way to win this game.

But losing it could be just as rewarding.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Magdalin Laine!
Her Favorite Brother is the third book in the Mia Thorton series and tells the story of Mia and Giovanni and Colton.

After finishing Her Least Favorite Husband I didn’t really know where this book was going to go. I thought that Mia got her happy ending with Kit, and that’s it. But I was so wrong. At the beginning of Her Favorite Brother Magdalin Laine explains what she wants to do with the Mia Thorton series and how each book can be read as a standalone. So when I started reading Her Favorite Brother I was excited to see where Mia’s story was going to go.

Her Favorite Brother continues the story of Mia and Kit, and we get to know two more guys: Giovanni and Colton. Giovanni is Kit’s brother, and Colton is Mia’s stepbrother. As you can tell from the synopsis, she has some fun with both guys even though she’s married to Kit. If there’s one thing I really hate in books, but also in real life, it’s cheating. I can read so many dark topics or weird sex stuff or bullying, but I just cannot enjoy reading about cheating… I also kind of wanted a happy ending for Mia and Kit or Mia and Colton, but that’s not the goal of the Mia Thorton series I guess.

Even though I didn’t really get what I wanted, I still liked reading Her Favorite Brother. The Mia Thorton books aren’t your usual Romance books, and I like that about them. I still think Her Favorite Daddy is my favourite book in the series so far because I was so shocked at the end. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the Mia Thorton series, Her Favorite Professor. I’m a big fan of Professor/Student Romance books, so I’m curious to see what Magdalin Laine did with this trope!