No Such Ring | Review

Title: No Such Ring 
Series: Bloody Royals #3
Author: Coralee June
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 22 March 2023
Rating: ★★★★★


Leo is afraid of heartbreak.

My shadow.

My protector.

He doesn’t want to share.

The crushing burden of wedlock descended upon me, threatening to ensnare me in an unbreakable bond. But I refused to accept my fate; I had to be courageous for my men.

Filled with a burning passion, I declared myself the Bloody Queen and led my men in a daring struggle for their freedom. As we charged into battle, I knew that our victory would not come without great sacrifice.

My love for them was so deep that I was prepared to give up anything and everything to see them safe. To reclaim our freedom and keep us together, I understood that sometimes love demands the highest cost of all: My life.

Long live the Bloody Queen.

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This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Coralee June!

No Such Ring is the third and final book in the Bloody Royals series and continues the story of Christine and the three men Augustus, Atticus and Leo.

I didn’t want to be like Augustus, who took her love for granted, or Atticus, who stole her heart without remorse. I wanted to do what was best for Christine, even if it meant never getting a future with her.

Another amazing book series by Coralee June has come to an end… Coralee June is such a talented Romance author and every book I’ve read by her is so good and addictive. And the Bloody Royals series is no exception. The Bloody Royals series is filled with amazing tropes, interesting characters and amazing cliffhangers/plot twists. These books are for fans of Reverse Harem, Royal Romance, Mafia Romance, Bodyguard Romance, Arranged Marriage Romance, Enemies to Lovers Romance and Second Chance Romance. Like I said, amazing tropes… The Bloody Royals series has it all, and I highly recommend it!

No Such Ring is the last book in the series, and we finally get to read in Leo’s perspective. Every book has a different male POV, and I was waiting for Leo’s POV. I love all men, but I was really interested in his side of the story. I really loved reading in Christine's perspective, and seeing her change and grow as a person throughout the books. I’m definitely going to miss reading about her and her men. I really enjoyed their story and their happy ending!

No Such Ring was another amazing book by Coralee June and I’m going to miss the characters. The story and characters were so interesting, I couldn’t put the books down because I had to know what was going to happen. The Bloody Royals books had left me on the edge of my seat! One thing that I also really liked was that this book series had 2 storylines: the romance and the fight for the kingdom. I really enjoyed the mix of both. I’m happy (but also sad) with the ending of the Bloody Royals series, and I’m looking forward to reading Coralee June’s next book!