Like You Know | Review

Title: Like You Know 
Series: Devilbend Dynasty #4
Author: Kaydence Snow
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 11 April 2023
Review: ★★★★


There are exactly three people in this whole world who know my secrets, my vulnerabilities, my pain. But then Jet Collins walks into my life and turns everything upside down.

Suddenly, I find myself keeping things from those closest to me. Even more shockingly, I’m sharing those very same secrets with someone I hardly know.

Jet’s charming and confident and everyone at school immediately wants to be his friend, but I’m the one person he can’t seem to stay away from. It’s irritating that I actually want to confide in him.

Yet every time I let myself get a little closer, he pulls away.

Boy trouble is the last thing I need. With a dangerous cult in town, my friends and I have already been in serious danger too many times to count, and things seem to be escalating again.

As the threat of BestLyf looms closer and my friends and I find ourselves in danger yet again, I can’t help wondering if Jet is dangerous too. Or is he just dangerous to my heart?

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This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kaydence Snow!

Like You Know is the fourth and final book in the Devilbend Dynasty series and tells the story of Amaya and Jet. 

When Like You Know hit on my Kindle, I was so excited to start reading! The Devilbend Dynasty is such an amazing New Adult Romance series, and I really enjoyed every book in the series. When I started reading Like You Know, I had to think a bit about the previous books, it’s been 2 years since I read the third book, Like You Should. But once I read a few chapters, I knew everything that I needed to know to enjoy the book. I really liked Amaya and Jet, and their story.

I was always interested in Amaya’s story. She looked like such a confident girl, but there’s definitely more to her story. And Jet… I think I was somewhere halfway in the book and I just knew what the plot twist was going to be. It was kinda predictable, but I still really enjoyed the plot twist. Amaya and Jet are such fun characters, and I love how they changed from friends to lovers.

Like You Know is another great book in the Devildbend Dynasty series, and I’m kinda sad that it’s the last book in the series. I really loved all couples and their stories, I also really liked the subplot about BestLyf. Something that I kind of disliked was the abrupt ending. I would’ve liked to have seen more chapters about Amaya and Jet, and their happy ending. Don’t get me wrong, the book ends on a happy note, but more would’ve been nice.