Winter Break Up | Review

Title: Winter Break Up 
Author: Carrie Aarons
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 17 November 2023
Rating: ★★★★


Going home for my last winter break of college had the same feel as the year my parents told me Santa was fictional; the daunting real world loomed too close without a childish safety net.

Working on our family Christmas tree farm is supposed to be a final, blissful reprieve before adulthood. Or it would have been, if my brother’s best friend didn’t return for his first festive season in our hometown in almost four years.

Why did Mercer Russell stay away in the first place? Oh, well that would be because I broke his heart. High school sweethearts never last, or so they say, so I destroyed us before long distance and university drama ever could.

Now that the soccer star destined for one of the best professional teams in the country is home for one last holiday hoorah, it’s clear I’m still on his naughty list … and not in the good way. Between hauling Douglas firs, helping families select their perfect tree, and assisting my mom on the register, Mercer hasn’t lost any love for those he grew up with. Except I might as well be a lump of coal with the way he glowers at me.

With the past lurking around every corner and our futures uncertain, giving into the burning attraction that could torch a row of spruces would be the worst idea ever. Then again, a fling under the mistletoe might be just the closure we need to extinguish this spark for good.

After all, it would take flying sleigh-level magic to turn a cuffing season hookup into a healing happily ever after … right?


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Carrie Aarons!
Winter Break Up is a standalone Christmas themed Romance about Emily and Mercer.

Although Halloween is my favourite holiday, I really love Christmas and reading Christmas themed books. Carrie Aarons is an amazing Romance author, I've enjoyed many of her books, and I'm always looking forward to her Christmas themed Romance books. They always get me into the holiday spirit, and now I'm excited to decorate my Christmas tree! (In Belgium we usually decorate our Christmas trees after December 6th, 'Sinterklaas', but I usually decorate mine late November.)

Winter Break Up is a beautiful Romance story with second chance romance in it. Although this is a Romance book, this book also talks about friendship, family, anxiety, long distance relationships, depression, cheating, ... One thing that Carrie Aarons loves to do, is adding extra/interesting topics in her books and making certain things more discussible, such as mental health. I really love her for that! I really could relate to Emily's struggles, and I really loved reading about how Mercer supported her!

Winter Break Up has a mix of different tropes such as second chance and brother's best friend, two tropes that I really enjoy reading! If you're looking for a cute Romance book with hints of Christmas, then this book is definitely something for you! I always enjoy books written by Carrie Aarons, and this one was another hit! I'm really looking forward to Carrie Aarons' next book!