26 Sep 2018

October Bullet Journal set up

I’m finally back with a Bullet Journal post. The last Bullet Journal blog post I wrote was my first ever BuJo post in February, oops!

I tried to make a monthly and weekly setup for the first time in September and I really liked it but it wasn’t that special, so I decided to try and make my October set up a bit more special. I decided to go all in with the Halloween theme, and I’m really proud of it. I know, there are still some things that could’ve been better, but keep in mind that I started my Bullet Journal in March, so I’m not an expert yet.

The first page is always a monthly spread together with a text box for all the important things such as tests and homework for November and December because I haven’t made those pages yet. I really think that this spook around October is really cute and I love the orange and black glitter washi tape.

After the monthly spread, I made my Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker. For my Mood Tracker, I made a cauldron and the bubbles will be coloured in, and for my Habit Tracker I just used my regular set up. I’m not really happy with the way I wrote ‘Habits’ but I can’t change it any more so I’m just going to leave it. I also coloured in everything after putting stickers on the pages so that’s why you see this weird line in the cauldron.

When I finish drawing my Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker, I draw my weekly spreads. I wanted something simple and big because I need to write down a lot for college. I also made two little text boxes for the things I need to do and for some things I need to remember. I also try to keep track of all the water I drink every day so that’s the 3rd box.

And the last thing in my October set up is my Wrap up and Favourites. I always make wrap up and favourites blog posts so it was easier to keep track of all the books I read, the movies I watch, the things I like, … in my Bullet Journal because I always bring it along and I don’t really bring along my laptop. These two pages are always really simple and this time I added some stickers to make it a bit cuter!

I hope you guys liked my blog post and let me know if you want me to make more of these!

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  1. These look great, Shirley! Definitely capture the atmosphere of October perfectly! :)

  2. I really like your set up. The orange colour is perfect for October.
    Sophie xxx | eyesofowls.org

  3. So cute! I need to give the bullet journals a try!


  4. I'm loving the look of this journal! You've got a real sense of October xx


  5. I love this set up! The colours are just perfect for October x


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