November Bullet Journal set up

Here’s another Bullet Journal post because you guys really liked my October Bullet Journal set up!

I know I’m a bit late with this post because it’s already November but I kinda started a bit late with my set up, oops! I still wanted to share this set up because I really liked what I created this month and it feels like I’m getting better and better at it. It’s still not perfect, but I like it!

My Monthly Spread is the sort of the same as in my October post, the only differences are the colours, stickers and the text box for important things. I really liked what I did with the purple and silver washi tape!

After my Monthly Spread, we have my Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker. My Habit Tracker is the same as in my October post, only the colours are different. I always try to change my Mood Tracker and this time I went for some cute cacti that I could colour in.

I always try to change my Weekly Spreads too because there are so many beautiful spreads that I want to try out and I’m also trying to find the perfect spread for me. I really like that my Weekly Spreads are not too crazy with lots of doodles because then I cannot be organised haha. I think that spreads with doodles are pretty, don’t get me wrong, but my autism cannot deal with it (FYI, I don’t have autism, I just joke about it because I have some autistic traits, I mean we all have some autistic traits, right?!).

The last two pages of my November set up are my Wrap up and Favourites pages. I decided to go with something different because last month I just made a simple list. This time I made a bookshelf for the books I read this month, for TV shows I made little TVs and for movies I made roll film.

I really like this month’s set up and I hope you guys like it too!

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