2 Oct 2019

September wrap up

In September I read a total of 13 books, I watched 56 episodes (TV Shows) and 7 movies. Read further to know what I read and watched this month!

I read some books that were on my TBR and I'm glad that I read quite some books. The last couple of months I didn't really read a lot of books that were on my TBR, and I'm finally getting there and I feel so good about it. I read Torn (Tattered Heart Duet #1) by Brooke O'Brien, Tattered (Tattered Heart Duet #2) by Brooke O'Brien, Lost Before You (Heart's Compass #2) by Brooke O'Brien, Breaking the Rules (Breaking the Rules #1) by Ember Leigh and Changing the Game (Breaking the Rules #2) by Ember Leigh.

As for ARCs I read Just Roommates (Blue Beech #5) by Charity Ferrell, Glow of the Fireflies by Lindsey Duga, Make Me Fall (Bayshore #2) by Ember Leigh, The Shrike & The Shadows by Chantal Gadoury & A.M. Wright, Wilder (The Renegades #1) by Rebecca Yarros, Nova (The Renegades #2) by Rebecca Yarros, Rebel (The Renegades #3) by Rebecca Yarros and Built to Last (Hidden Hearts #1) by Kate McBrien.

I really loved The Renegades series by Rebecca Yarros and it's hard not to love a book by Ember Leigh!

For TV shows, I watched the pilot episode of Breaking Bad with my boyfriend because he's a big fan of the show. I also watched some episodes of Chespeake Shores, The 100, Younger and Dark. I watched season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, it was a bit boring but I loved the ending until they found something and now they have to make another season... I also watched the entire season 2 of The Rain and I really liked it.

As for movies, I watched the first 6 movies of Harry Potter. I went to London with my boyfriend so I felt like watching the HP movies again, and I loved it! My boyfriend and I will be watching the other 2 movies in October. I also watched Solo: A Star Wars Story and I liked it.


  1. Glad to hear someone else enjoyed Solo! Also, I hope you enjoyed your time in London.


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