March Bullet Journal set up

March’s theme is pretty simple, but I still like it. I found a cute sticker pack at Action with flower-themed stickers and I couldn’t not buy it! Before I show you my pictures, I want to say sorry for the weird angle. I had to take these pictures in this angle because otherwise, you couldn’t see the stickers because of the lighting. I’m sorry!

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The first page is my monthly overview together with my ‘to do’ and ‘to read’ list.

Then we have my weekly spreads. Just like last month, I decided to put a mini habit tracker on my weekly spreads. It saves me a lot of time and I think it gives an overview of why I did or did not do something. Some of my weekly overviews look a bit different from the others, that’s because the stickers aren’t the same size.

And the last two pages are the last weekly spread and the monthly wrap up. Since the last two days of March are on a Monday and Tuesday, I decided to draw Monday and Tuesday and not an entire week. I also kind of messed up so that’s why I put the big sticker in the middle where I usually write Wednesday. I thought of making a smaller habit tracker for two days but I messed up the design. FML. But I fixed it with a sticker lol. Stickers are the best! Since I messed up the habit tracker, I just made two very simple ones. Nothing changed with my monthly wrap up, it’s still the same.

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