January Bullet Journal set up

I have recently posted my 2021 Bullet Journal set up and today I finished my January set up! I’m so happy with how my set up turned out. It’s a bit the same as the last few months but I went a bit out of my comfort zone and I tried to decorate my pages a bit more with stickers. I really like the result and I hope you guys do to!

My supplies:

Let’s start talking with the first page of my January spreads. The first page is really simple, I wanted to make it somewhat similar to my 2021 page. I used some colourful paper that matched the stickers that I used for my January spreads. The colour of the page is not that similar to the rest of the spreads but I still liked it and wanted to use it.

The next page is my monthly overview together with a ‘to do’ list, ‘to read’ list and a little space for some notes. I decorated the pages with some washi tape, paper, stickers and I printed some black and white stickers with the MO0 printer from Phomemo. BTW: I’m going to post a review soon about the printer.

The next spreads are my habit tracker and weekly spreads. For my habit tracker I did something completely different than the last couple of months. As I mentioned in my 2021 set up post, I want to use my journal more often and that’s why I created a bigger tracker. I want to keep track of a few more things, and hopefully I’ll do that. For my weekly spreads I stuck to my previous set up and decorated the pages with paper, washi tape, stamps and stickers.

And then we have my bookish spreads. The first page is my ‘wrap up’ page to write down all the books I’ve read and all the TV shows and movies I’ve watched. Then the next page is my ‘days read’ page and a little space for all the books I’ve bought in January.

And the last page is for my favourite book of the month. Now it’s quite empty but I plan on decorating the page once I’ve chosen my favourite book. Maybe I’ll put the decorated page in my February set up.

So I hope you liked my January set up and feel free to check out my 2021 Bullet Journal set up! If you liked this post, you can always pin it: