Phomemo MO2 Mini Printer | Review

Product: MO2 Bluetooth Thermal Portable Mini Printer
Colour: Black
Brand: Phomemo
Price: $49.99 (Original price: $74.99)
Buy link:
Rating: ★★★★

As some of you might’ve read in my January Bullet Journal set up, I bought a mini printer from Phomemo! I stumbled upon this printer by watching Journal with Chloe’s YouTube video. When I visited Phomemo’s website and read the product description, I was pleasantly surprised that you don’t need ink for this printer. It’s a thermal printer which means that you only need paper to print photos or stickers. So I was really intrigued and ordered a printer together with a set of 3 rolls of white sticker paper ($12.99). It took a little over 2 weeks to arrive and I was really surprised when I opened my package…

I got an extra package with some Christmas gifts from Phomemo! I didn’t know that I was getting this at all so I was really happy when I opened my package. I got some washi tape, colour pencils, star fairy lights, a Christmas stocking, a card and a little photo album. It’s just so cute.

The printer comes with a USB cable to charge it, and it charges pretty quickly. I didn’t have to wait long in order to try out my portable printer. It also came with a free roll of sticker paper (not as big as a roll you buy but I still managed to print over 10 pictures with it). Unfortunately the charger does not come with a charger block.

For my Bullet Journal spreads I printed some plant pictures from Pinterest and I think they came out pretty good. I still need to look up the right contrast for some pictures because some of them weren’t that clear. I think it’s because the pictures had too many highlights, so I still need to find the perfect setting. But besides that, I think that my stickers turned out pretty good and I liked the result.

I really liked the sticker paper that I bought. It’s simple and you can cut off all the excess white paper. It sticks really well to my journal. I plan on buying the transparent sticker paper too because I think I can make beautiful stickers for my journal. I’m really happy that I bought this mini printer and I know that I will be using it very often.