Jera On Air 2018 | Festival diary

This is already the third time that I’m going to this festival and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you! If you haven’t already read my Jera On Air 2017 festival diary, make sure to check it out!

Three weeks ago I went to Jera On Air and it was amazing! I was really looking forward to going to Jera On Air because I had exams in June and this festival was the perfect way to end June. I also want to apologise for uploading this festival diary three weeks after the festival, but the past three weeks have been a little hectic and I was in a writing slump.

This year I was the only girl going together with my boyfriend, his brother, his nephew and his three friends. It was really funny though! I really like spending time with guys because they’re so easy to hang out with, so I didn’t really mind being the only girl. I also already knew all of these guys so that made it even more fun!

Jera On Air is a two-day festival, from Friday ’till Saturday, but you also have a pre-party on Thursday and you can stay until Sunday noon to pack all your stuff and go home. We arrived on Thursday, set up our tents and just chatted and drank some alcohol. It was definitely an amazing start to the weekend. We hadn’t seen each other for a while since it was exam period and some of the guys work, so it was nice to catch up.

The first day of the festival, Friday, we didn’t see a lot of bands because Saturday was the best day in my opinion. On Friday we hung around on the camping site for a while because the first band we wanted to see, played at 4 PM, and we also checked some band merch before we saw some bands. The bands we saw on Friday were Blessthefall, Lionheart, Neck Deep, Bury Tomorrow, Emmure, Enter Shikari and a bit of Billy Talent. My favourite band was definitely Emmure, this is the second time that I’ve seen them live and they were so good!

The second day was the best day because I saw so many bands that are my favourite bands ever! We first started with a band that I’d never heard of but really liked, Crystal Lake, then we saw Adept, Blood Youth, Being As An Ocean, Alazka and Stick To Your Guns. If you’ve read my Top 5 favourite bands, you know that Being As An Ocean and Stick To Your Guns are two of my favourite bands and Alazka is one of them too since the first time I saw them live in 2015.
So it’s obvious when I’m going to tell you guys that I loved Being As An Ocean, Alazka and Stick To Your Guns. Being As An Ocean was so beautiful that I was singing and crying at the same time. Their songs are so beautiful and the way they perform… Definitely one of the best performances ever! And Alazka and Stick To Your Guns were amazing as well and I had so much fun seeing them perform my favourite songs! I also met the band members of Alazka and went on the picture with them for the third time. They are so nice and sweet!

I also bought some merch on Jera On Air, a T-shirt from While She Sleeps and one from Alazka. Jera On Air 2018 was an amazing edition and I cannot wait for next year!