September Bullet Journal set up

Here I am with another Bullet Journal post. It’s been awhile since I wasn’t really happy with what I’ve created or everything kinda looked the same. If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen some of my Bullet Journal set ups that I didn’t post here.

Previous Bullet Journal set ups:

So for my September wrap up I decided to create something different that I’ve done before. I decided to use some pictures from Pinterest, which you can find on my Pinterest board, and my inspiration comes from Sarah’s Spark. She’s an amazing YouTuber and she makes videos about Bullet Journal’ing and other stuff. She always (or at least in her videos) uses pictures in her spreads and I really liked that idea. I also recreated the grid she always uses to write down when she has to work at Lush. Make sure to check out her BuJo videos because they’re really helpful!

For my monthly spread, I did something weird and decided to make the grid on one page instead of two pages, like I usually do. The next page is a little ‘to do’ list and ‘to be read’ list. I always made a little ‘to do"list and an "important" list but I like this better. I have more space to write things down. I also want to apologise for the change in lighting in all the pictures, the sun was messing with me!

After my monthly spread, I always do a habit tracker spread and this time I also created a brain dump spread so I can just scribble things that come to my mind. I'm not sure if I'm going to use it or not, but we'll see!

These are my weekly spreads. They're really simple but I love adding the pictures to give it something extra. I also made a extra grid at the left so I can fill in at which hours I have to work or go to school.

For the last weekly spread, I just made the left page like every other page except I added some washi tape and "next month" so I can write down which days I need to work, which tasks or tests I have etc. The right page is my monthly wrap up page, which shows the books I read and the TV shows/movies I watched in September. I also added the "pages read" so I know how many pages I read in September.

I hope you guys liked this Bullet Journal set up and feel free to pin this post on Pinterest!