October wrap up

In October I read a total of 17 books, I watched 33 episodes (TV Shows) and 4 movies. Read further to know what I read and watched this month!

I didn’t read anything from my TBR but I did read quite a few ARCs. I read Zodiac Academy: The Reckoning (Supernatural Beasts and Bullies #3) by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti, Unintended by Kyra Lennon, Magic Swap (Hidden World Academy #1) by Sadie Moss, Pitching to Win (Over the Fence #1) by Carrie Aarons, Hitting to Win (Over the Fence #2) by Carrie Aarons, Catching to Win (Over the Fence #3) by Carrie Aarons, Over the Fence Box Set (Over the Fence #1-3.5) by Carrie Aarons, The Second We Met (Fulton U #2) by Maya Hughes, Demon of Mine (The Devil Heart Boys #1) by Caroline Peckham, The Bookworm Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts, The Hive Engineers (STAR Academy #3) by Emilia Zeeland, Scorch (The Order #4) by Nikki Rae, Dark Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac #1) by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti, The Light We See by J. Lynn Bailey, To Be Your Wife (To Be Yours #2) by Rae Kennedy, A Beautiful Fire (Love at Lincolnfield #4) by Colette Dixon and Beauty and the Badge (Charlotte's Cove #1) by Ella Fox.

Some of my favourite books this month were ZA: The Reckoning, Magic Swap, Demon of Mine, Scorch, Dark Fae and The Light We See!

For TV shows, I watched the new episodes of Riverdale, and the first one was so emotional! I really like the other episodes so far, I think this season will be a good season! I also started watching Elite, but I haven’t watched that many episodes yet. The last show I watched, was Scorpion, and I watched the entire 3rd season.

As for movies I watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved BeforeHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, The Addams Family and Joker. I watched TATBILB for like the fourth time this year because it’s still such a good movie. I watched The Addams Family because it’s the perfect movie for Halloween and to be honest I’ve never watched it before. And then we have Joker… I don’t know where to start. It was such a good movie and not something we’ve seen before. I don’t know how to explain it but you just have to watch this movie!