Hi guys, you can find some personal stuff (Festival diary posts, mental health posts, guest posts, ...).
It's my birthday (2017)
Some things about myself
Why am I a donor?

I bought a Bullet Journal
April 2019 set up
November 2018 set up
October 2018 set up 
September 2019 set up
October 2019 set up
November 2019 set up 

Graduation & College
College update #1 (November 2016)
College update #2 (February 2017)
College update #3 (February 2018)
How I'm going to be a better student
My internship | Collge update #4 (May 2018)

2 easy notebook DIYs
Bat bookmark (Halloween)
Cat ears (Halloween)
Cute yarn pumpkin (Halloween)
October Bullet Journal set up
November Bullet Journal set up

Jera On Air 2017 (Festival Diary)
Jera On Air 2018 (Festival Diary)
Never Say Die tour 2018
Trip to the Ardennes 2017

Dear Amy review (by Elise)
Indie Books vs. Traditionally Published Books (at
It will get better (by Carolien)

Birthday presents 2016
Birthday presents 2017
Birthday presents 2018

Body confidence
Depression & anxiety
Fake Friends 
How therapy helped me
Mental health update #1 (August 2017)
Mental health update #2 (November 2017)
Mental health update #3 (May 2018)
Not enough time
Things I feel guilty about
Things I wish I was good at 

Taste the good life with Tastea
TitsUp, the brand that dresses your tits!

Christmas tag
The fun questions tag
TMI tag

Top 5 favourite music bands
Top 5 ways of trying to be healthy in 2018 

Top 5 favourite teas 
Top 5 favourite teas part 2
Things I'm afraid of 
Top 5 things you didn't know about me
Top 5 websites every blogger should use

Bookish Etsy wish list 
Christmas wish list
Wish list #1
Wish list #2
Wish list #3
Wish list #4

List of all my Halloween inspired posts
List of all my Christmas & New Year inspired posts

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