December Bullet Journal set up

I’m still going strong with posting my BuJo set ups consistently! I really like what I’ve been creating the past couple of months: set ups with pictures from Pinterest to decorate the pages. December’s theme is obviously a Christmas/Winter theme and I’m loving it! You can find all the pictures I’ve used here.

Previous Bullet Journal set ups:
As I mentioned in my other blog posts, my inspiration comes from Sarah’s Spark, a lovely human being. She deserves a mention in every post that she inspired!

First, we have my monthly spread, nothing’s changed except the theme.

After my monthly spread, I have a habit tracker spread and a brain dump spread. I’ve used last month’s brain dump spread for things that I have planned in December and some other stuff so it’s really handy!

The next couple of my pictures are my weekly spreads. The grid on every left page is to write down which hours I’ll be at school or work to get an overview. The last weekly spread has my monthly wrap up too!

I hope you guys liked this Bullet Journal set up and feel free to pin this post on Pinterest!