2020 Bullet Journal set up + January set up

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, I have a new Bullet Journal for 2020. This will be my first yearly Bullet Journal, and I’m really excited. This post will be about the new journal, my 2020 pages as well as my January set up.

Previous Bullet Journal set ups:
First let’s talk about the Bullet Journal. I got the MUS Creatief Bullet Journal, which you can find here. I really loved the design, I’m a sucker for black and white. Unfortunately, the pages aren’t really thick. I didn’t look up reviews, I just bought this journal and I regret that. I wish I’d read some reviews, because you can see every (brush) pen stroke through the pages. But I’m not someone that throws away stuff so I will be using this journal. I just know that I won’t be buying this one anymore…

As for stationery, I used a lot of Tombow brush pens and some brush pens I got from Kruidvat, and I used some Stabilo pens. Most of these washi tapes are either from Action, Paperchase or AliExpress. The stickers I’ve used are from Craft Universe, I bought these at Action.

So the first two pages are my grid spacing pages. These are really useful when you draw the same kind of lines the entire time or are easy when you want to know which dot divides your page in half, … I really wanted to make this in my journal and I think it really helped with creating my weekly spreads.

The next pages are my ‘standard’ BuJo pages. I decided to go for a yearly overview with some place to write down important dates.

Then we have ‘my year in photos’. Most of the time I’m depressed and it feels like I don’t do anything fun. I want to take a picture every month that shows something that I enjoyed or that shows something that I did with friends, … You know what I mean. I think that it’s easier to remember the bad stuff than the good stuff, at least that’s how my brain works, and I think by doing this, I will remember the good stuff too.

As you all know, I’m a book nerd, so a big bookcase with my TBR had to be in my journal. The next page is my 2020 reading goals. It’s always easy to carry a paper version of my goals with me in case I don’t have internet access and can’t update my reading goals wrap up. PS: this is not my entire TBR, I still need to add some more books. It also looks a bit ugly because there’s no colour but I’m planning one colouring the edges of the books once I’ve read them. The colours will be the colours from my yearly overview so I can see which books I’ve read which month.

And the last two pages are new. I’ve never done these before but I really like them and I hope I’ll use them. The first one is a page for all the recipes that I want to try. I want to get better at cooking since it’s the last year of my bachelor’s degree and I’d like to be able to make a few recipes before I live with my boyfriend. Then the next page is a page to write down all my ideas.

Now I’m going to talk about my January set up. This month’s theme is mermaids. I love mermaids, I’ve been fascinated by them since I was kid and I love reading books and watching TV shows/movies about mermaids. The pictures I’ve used are from my Pinterest board, I just edited them a bit to match the theme. I also used some stickers, which I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

The first page is my monthly overview together with my ‘to do’ and ‘to read’ list.

Normally I have a full page dedicated to my habit trackers and a brain dump page, but I wanted to change some things. It always took so long to finish my habit tracker page because drawing those trackers sucks, and I didn’t really use the brain dump page except for writing down some important dates. Now that I have my yearly overview it’s kind of stupid to create the brain dump page. So in my new journal I decided to change some things. As you can see, I have a small habit tracker at the bottom of my page. I messed up the design but covered up my mistake with some cute stickers. Thank god for stickers, lol!

And the last page of January set up is my wrap up spread. I wanted to be a bit more creative, so I drew some doodles for each category. I really like the doodles!

I hope you guys liked this Bullet Journal post. It’s a bit longer than usual but I wanted to share everything that I’ve created so far! If you guys liked this post, feel free to pin this post on Pinterest!